One of the challenging truths about being an artist these days is that in order to succeed and survive   you must find or create an audience for your work.   Otherwise, in the immortal words of our friend and fellow performer Grover Foreman, you will be on the "pay-as-you-play plan" rather than the "earn-as- you-learn" plan.   The underlying problem, as Robert Buck of Atlantic Disc and DVD has stated, is that for many artists,  "Business is the bogey man under the bed. We all know it's there; we just don't want to deal with it."    The obvious solution is to help each other do this.  


By drawing on our imagination and experience we can help you:

     * Define what is truly unique about you and your art

     * Develop promotional materials that effectively tell your story

     * Find photographers, graphic artists and web designers to help spread that story

     * Create promotional campaigns to support audience development

     * Help identify your key target audiences and markets

     * Find and help you select activities that will build your brand

     * Coordinate and support your performances, tours and interviews

Each promotional program or campaign is unique and fitted to the needs of the artist.   It will be based on honesty. The artist retains overall control of the direction and details of all promotional activities.

If you are interested, please contact us for a free meeting to discuss how we can assist you.


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