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During the past forty years we have been 

recording original music with a variety of

Canadian acoustic artists.  In our studio,

we have focused on performers who  

are exploring sounds that are new, while

blending and bending established styles.

We are especially interested in artists who

have a unique way of looking at the world.


Rather than recording in an industrial space with dead walls we are able to move and set up  our equipment in a living room, concert hall or other space, to record acoustically to digital tracks with high quality microphones, amplifiers and outboard equipment that can go anywhere.  


In the past four decades we have recorded hundreds of songs for local artists, while maintaining a dedication to authentic, acoustic recording.   For this, we rely on careful listening, subtle adjustments to the recording situation, accurate microphone placement and great care with the signal path.   Regardless of how good your space or your gear, there is nothing that can replace good ears.

We have found a more relaxed setting is perfect for artists whose music is introspective, but it can also provide flexible space and acoustic support for ensemble and live-off-the-floor tracking. We invite you to visit our studio, hear some of the tracks we have recorded and then consider us as your producers of choice, whether for a demo or a full length recording.

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