We operate three portable digital recording systems, dedicated compact mobile recording systems that

can be transported anywhere in the world, to capture live performance, for complete onsite recording

in any room; these systems are suitable for recording acoustic artists across a wide range of styles and genres.  For more information about our approach to recording, click here:  Spirit of the Islands.

In the past fifteen years, we have recorded music for more than two dozen artists and groups, including Celtic harper Ed Kavanagh, eclectic songwriters Myles from Nowhere, John Cossar, Ariel Rubin and various groups including the Orchid Ensemble, Five for Silver, Trombones to Go, Tanglecove and Atlantic Union.

Our goal in each of these projects has been to capture authentic acoustic sound, faithfully recorded and subtly enhanced to bring out the power of the music, while honouring the original intent and uniqueness of the artist.  Along with studio engineering and production, we support musicians by finding players to provide additional sounds or instrumentation to carry their projects to completion.

We have three dedicated recording decks: two Roland 8-channel boards for smaller projects and a Korg D-3200 deck for more demanding multi-track settings.   We prefer these systems for versatility and clarity to more complex studio systems.   Our microphones include high quality condenser mics, connected through dedicated pre-amps or internal A/D converters.   We can mix in-house and can offer mastering services in collaboration with Record Time Productions here in St. John's.  We have also supervised mastering sessions on the mainland.   We have recorded and mixed live sound in concert.  This means that we are fully capable of recording and preparing your music for commercial release and distribution.

We can also provide promotional support for your CD release, plus digital and physical marketing services, graphic design, photography, promotion and publicity, tour planning and regional distribution through our record label, Blue Island Records.